Institute of Economic Research of the Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Faculty of Economics of the Technical University of Košice, ZSE E‐on a.s.,

under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic and Ambassador of the Russian Federation
invite you to the international scientific conference at Smolenice Castle, 16th - 18th September 2013

(Europe, Slovakia - Connections between the Global Economic and Peace Potential)



AIM OF THE CONFERENCE:  to discuss and analyze key economic context and connections between the global economic and peace potential in terms of the global world, Europe and Slovakia; to define the new fundamental paradigms that appear in the current turbulent time, and that will shape the future development; to characterize the systemic causes of the debt crisis and its impact on social and political model in Europe, as well as institutional mechanisms for correcting them in terms of economics and law; to create a platform for scientists from the fields of economics, social, or other sciences dealing with the problems of inequality and poverty; to provide answers of the future development, related to inequality and poverty in relation to the current process of generating income.